We have been busy with the new set up here at home. Josie is doing very very well, she adapted really easy to the new house and specially to Piadina. Piadina is totally in love with her they have been playing non stop!! She is doing super good and she seems to love her life here. We are super happy 😃!!!

A while ago I received a phone call from Soza asking how was Nata (Josie) doing.
I would like to confirm that she is doing great, from the top of her amazing 34kg at the moment 😀
We had beautiful holidays, she loved to go to the beach in Italy, swim and play with Piadina all the time.
We are super happy she is very sweet, loves to eat, it’s a very healthy stubborn puppy 😀 and the best company ever for Piadina, they truly love each other and follow each other everywhere.
The problem in her back legs, the right one being the worse, persists but as she is growing we have to wait a bit until we can do anything about it. For now we will take her soon to the vet and will make a scan to check what it might be. For now she does quite normal life just when she runs a lot there is some complaint but I will keep you posted. Here you can find some pictures of our Summer attached ;D, everything is going great she is super happy! They come with me every day to work 😉
Thank you for helping to give us this beautiful present to our lives!